We make real bread using traditional methods. Our ingredients are flour, water, sea salt, our own nurtured sourdough cultures or a little fresh yeast, and time.

We use Shipton Mill and Clyston Mill organic flours in our bread and we never use any artificial additives or ‘improvers’. We scale and shape every loaf by hand – it takes time but it’s worth it!

We specialise in slow-rise bread and in particular sourdoughs. Long fermentation creates fantastic flavours and really improves the keeping quality without the need for additives. Many people find sourdoughs and other slow-rise bread easier to digest than industrial loaves. Sourdough bacteria break down the proteins in gluten that some people react to, making them more digestible. You can read more about the benefits of sourdough here.  But really we just recommend eating it because it’s delicious!

Alongside our range of bread we make some delicious cakes, scones, brioche burger buns, tarts & pies, available in our cafe and served at some of our stockists across Exeter! Please get in touch if you would like to enquire about our wholesale options.

  • Boatyard Sourdough

    Our signature loaf created for the launch of our new home, this loaf combines dark rye flour along with wholemeal and white wheat flour. The presence of rye gives this sourdough a softer texture and wonderful flavour. Contains: wholemeal & white wheat flour, dark rye, water, salt.

  • Seeded sourdough

    This tasty loaf is made with Shipton Mill’s malthouse flour a blend of wheat flour with malted rye, barley & wheat flakes. We then add our favourite mix of seeds. Contains: Malthouse flour, water, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, linseed, poppy seeds, millet, salt. 

  • Pain au Levain

    This is our classic white wheat sourdough. Its open crumb, great crust and subtle tang make it an all-time favourite and quite possibly our very favourite toast!

  • Straight Rye

    100% rye tin loaf, naturally leavened with rye sourdough. A very moist and surprisingly light loaf which keeps fresh for days. Contains: Dark & light rye flour, water, salt. 

  • Borodinsky Rye

    Legend has it this was the bread fed to Russian soldiers on the eve of the Battle of Borodino before facing Napoleon. True or not, the bread is delicious – flavoured with generous helpings of freshly crushed coriander and a touch of black treacle. Contains: Dark & light rye flour, water, coriander, black treacle, salt

  • Isca Spelt Loaf

    Celebrating Exeter’s Roman history, this 100% wholemeal spelt loaf has a delicious, nutty flavour. Many find this ancient relative of modern wheat more digestible. Also available with sunflower seeds.

  • Overnight White

    A classic farmhouse white yeasted tin loaf, created with an overnight fermentation to enhance flavour, digestibility and keeping quality. Contains: White wheat flour, water, salt, fresh yeast.